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Since glass is such a dominant feature of modern office buildings, we have made a speciality of commercial window cleaning. We undertake everything from one or two storey buildings to high access work.

We use a Reach and Wash system which is excellent for, windows, glass, cladding and facade surfaces and saves both time and money. To contact us for a no obligation quotation, click here.

Reach and wash
With the Reach and Wash System the need for ladders and high access equipment is eliminated and therefore reduces costs but ensures safety to those operating them and those working in the surrounding areas.



Seeing the system in operation, it becomes obvious why we estimate this to be between thirty to fifty percent faster than the traditional methods of cleaning . By removing the need for high access equipment, for buildings up to around six floors high, the system firstly reduces set up time and then allows quicker access to more of the building.


Reach and wash equipmentAwkward to reach windows and obstructions such as flower beds and cars and vans in car parks are no longer a problem. Click here to contact us for a free quotation.

Health and safety
Water is pumped up the pole to the windows being cleaned, leaving the operator holding the pole safely on the ground. Because the operatives are at ground level, the system is far safer, with no need to work at heights around the building.

Environmentally sound
Using only purified water, the system doesn't use any chemicals and is therefore not only safer but also environmentally friendly.

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