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Maintaining a clean office is important to give a healthy and enjoyable working environment for you and your staff and to represent your company in an appropriate way if you have customers to your workplace.

Without regular cleaning, germs accumulate, not only within the toilet facilities but also within food areas. Even keyboards, mice and desks that are left for long periods of use without being cleaned may harbour high levels of harmful bacteria.

Cleaning office blinds

Cleaning a computer

Reasons to have a cleaning company.
Not having a cleaning company may mean that high paid staff or even the boss may be tied up with cleaning when they should be concentrating on the business.

If no one is responsible for cleaning within your organisation and it is simply left to staff to clean up when the workplace is very dirty, standards will inevitably slip as people become used to a messier working environment. Contact us for a free, no obligation quotation.

Choose Dirtbusters with confidence.

With 20 years of experience in office cleaning and with a large, satisfied client base, Cleaner leaving the buildingDirtbusters offer you a friendly, efficient and professional service from an established family run company.

Our staff have often been with us for many years and are CRB checked, which together with a comprehensive staff training programme and efficient supervision means that you can employ us with confidence.

Supervisors and managers check on sites and regularly meet with clients to maintain a high standard and good working relationship.

Services offered

Use us on a regular daily, weekly, monthly basis or for occasional or one off cleans of your office.

We deal with all aspects of office cleaning, including bins, carpet cleaning, windows (inside and out), desk areas (computer, keyboards, mice etc.), kitchen and bathroom facilities. See also our maintenance page. Simply let us know the extent of the cleaning required and we will tailor the service to meet your needs. Contact us for a free, quotation, with no obligation on your part.

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