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Here at Dirtbusters UK we provide carpet cleaning, scrubber dryer hire, pressure washer cleaning, graffiti removal and a range of painting services throughout Birmingham.

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning in Birmingham. In both Private and Commercial environments such as Hotels, Offices, Cinema's, Airports, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Schools and Private Homes, it is important to properly maintain your carpets, this will both save money and reflect well upon the establishment.

Scrubber Dryer Hire
Scrubber Dryer hire in Birmingham. Dirtbusters have noticed that companies hire machines and operatives for a week at a time, as this is the standard way of charging. We use the latest scrubber dryers to produce the best possible finish to your floor/slab.


Pressure Washer Cleaning
Pressure Washer Cleaning in Birmingham. Pressure jetting is ideal for cleaning and removing pollution, stains, traffic film, moss, algae, chewing gum, oil, grease, and paint/coatings.

Graffiti Removal
Graffiti Removal in Birmingham. Our trained graffiti technicians are able to remove any type of graffiti from any surface anywhere.

In most cases graffiti can be removed by using our high-pressure steam cleaning equipment combined with non-hazardous chemicals designed especially for removing graffiti.

Painting Services
Painting Services in Birmingham. We provide a full Commercial Painting Services from One Million square Metre Warehouses right down to a Single Office.

From single to multiple colour combinations. The benefits of using Dirtbusters for your painting requirements is that you save a lot of time and money. We take the time to mask or cover the surrounding area so as to avoid unnecessary work for the cleaners.

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